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Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

SKU: 284215376135191

All lip gloss are made with lip gloss base by TKB. Lip gloss are made with herbs and other products, for smell good faves and other great benefits. Give your lips a great nautal shine with our gloss made with two diffent herbs rose and lavender. Made light non sticky and flawless.  


     All produts are made from natural source and best quality farming. Please allow time for produts to work effectively. Time frame for testing is 2-4 weeks. Remember to to a test before applying produts to skin. Apply small amonut on back of hand and wait 5-10 mins before use. These produts are not FDA tested. Purchases at your own risk. If you have any questions please check with your doctor first before sale is made.


    All sales are final. Refund can be issued upon request but is not promised. Please allow 5-7 bussiness days for a response. If you have any issues with your order please contact our store. Be sure to provide your order number and details with your order for the reason of refnd issued. Remember to also leave contact info. 


    Shipping is included in order at check out. 

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Herbal Lip Gloss
$2.25every 2 weeks for 24 weeks
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