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Fragrance Oil  (Black Woman)

Fragrance Oil (Black Woman)

Black Woman

What does it mean to wear something with pride? Black Woman is a fragrance that embraces the strength, femininity and pride of black women. It is a delicate and flowery scent that blends lush florals, citrus and sandalwood with a subtle undertone of musk.

Black Woman contains floral top notes of peony, ginger flower, freesia, tagete and black currant. It has fruity heart notes of apricot, lychee, and pear with white cedarwood. It finishes with woody basenotes ot sandalwood and amber and sweet vanilla.

Surround your senses with an aura of luxury and strength that helps you take pride in who you are. Black Woman is a warm, feminine and elegant scent that can be worn everyday to make a statement and show pride in who you are.

    1.3 Ounces
    Excluding Sales Tax
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